The guests are individually responsible for any damage caused and will be held to their responsability.
The Hostel will not be held responsible for possible theft, damage or loss that may occur on the premises.
Personal goods left behind may be recovered at the reception upon proof of ownership.
No youngster under 16 years of age should be alone in a multiple room unless those responsible for him take full responsibility.
Animals are stricktly forbiden on the premises.
On acquiring the service designated as “bed” one is entitled to the use of a bed in a “multiple room”.
“Multiple rooms” are shared with other hostellers who may, or may not, belong to the same group. The Hostel management will decide on the distribution of such beds.
In multiple rooms the bed is made by the guest and the bed clothes are provided by the Hostel. The change of bed linen and towels and cleaning of rooms is guaranteed, every threedays.
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